Routine Appointment Availability (8th of August 2022)

Due to current unprecedented pressure and demand we have very little routine appointment availability and are continuing to deal with urgent issues.

From 8th of August, we will be moving, temporarily, to a same day service to get through this difficult period.

This means that if you require an appointment you would need to call us in the morning to book this appointment as there are no pre-bookable appointments available at this time. If the issue is urgent the GP will call you/see you on the same day.

However, if your medical issue is routine, and all routine appointments have already been booked for that day, you might be asked to call us again the next morning.

An urgent medical problem is something that cannot wait a few days – for example a chest infection, child having high fever, etc.

A routine medical problem is something that has been an ongoing issue and seeing the doctor could wait a few days or weeks – for example knee pain that has been ongoing for a few weeks/months, etc.

Many minor ailments can be dealt with by pharmacists – for example hayfever issues, rashes, sore throats, etc. If after examination the pharmacists believes that the issue is more serious/urgent or is more complex they will advise you to contact the surgery.

If you are unsure if the matter is urgent or routine, you can still call us. Our health navigators have been given directions by the GP and can advise further. If the matter is routine, and if the same day routine appointment if available you will be offered this or might be asked to call us the next day.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this difficult time, and we ask that if you do contact us that you, please treat all staff respectfully.