Out Of Area Registration (Catchment Area)


If your address is not within this area you will need to register as an Out Of Area patient

Complete the appropriate registration form as normal – if your address is out of area we will process your registration as out of area provided you have filled out the form sufficiently.

From January 2015 GP practices may register new patients who live outside their contracted area without any obligation to provide home visits or other urgent care obligations when the patient is at home and too ill to come to their registered Practice. It is the Practice’s responsibility to assess whether it is clinically appropriate and practical for an individual patient to be registered in this way and ensure that the patient fully understands and accepts the conditions of an out of area registration.

In order to help us determine whether it is in your best interests to accept you as an Out Of Area registration we will review your registration questionnaire answers, or, if you’re already registered with us and are changing your address to outside our contracted area, then your registered GP will decide if it is appropriate to change your registration to be Out Of Area. If your care needs would be better met by a practice near your home we may refuse your Out Of Area registration.



Conditions of registering as Out Of Area at Mount Pleasant Health Centre:

Mount Pleasant Health Centre has no obligation to provide home visits or other urgent care obligations when the patient is at home and too ill to attend the Practice. If you and your GP decide that a home visit is required you will need to contact NHS 111 who can advise what local services are available to you.

If you require access to community services (district nursing, physiotherapy, midwifery etc) we will discuss the options with you and refer you to the community teams attached to the practice or those in the area where you live as appropriate.

Your inclusion in the screening programmes will be linked to the Practice so you may be called to a service outside of your resident area.

If it becomes apparent that it is no longer clinically appropriate or practical for your Out Of Area registration we reserve the right, following discussion with you, to ask you to register with a GP Practice that can provide you with home visits.


If you are staying with friends or family in our catchment area, we can accept you as a temporary resident for medical services whilst you are away from home. Please speak to reception to arrange this.