Community Connectors

A social prescription for young people in Exeter


Every young person (aged 11-18) in Exeter now has the option of getting a social prescription from their local GP.


What is a social prescription? A referral to the Community Connector programme!

The Community Connector programme provides young people with 1-2-1 wellbeing support.

Each young person referred is introduced to a Community Connector; a person to listen to their concerns, identify opportunities in their local community that could help improve their wellbeing, and support them to make positive changes to improve their life.

Young people referred for clinical support are able to access a Community Connector alongside other specialist services.


Who are we?

The Community Connector programme is provided by Young Devon and Space Youth Services, through Wellbeing Exeter; funded by NHS England via the Primary Care Network (PCN).


• Exeter Central & Nexus practices will be supported by Young Devon
• Exeter West & Outer City practices will be supported by Space Youth Services


Young Devon and Space Youth Services are both local youth work charities, with a long history of supporting young people.

Providing services to thousands of young people each year; both organisations look to reduce disadvantage and promote opportunities for young people in the city.

As a partnership, we aim to ensure as many young people benefit from this support service as possible and are part of its design and development.


Who are the community connectors?


A Community Connector is someone who will…

• Listen and get to know you
• Help you think about what is important to you and
what you want to be different
• Support you on the steps you can take to get there


What can young people expect from us?

Young people accessing our programme will meet with a Community Connector, who will listen to their experiences and support them to identify and make positive changes. The service is designed to be flexible, and focused on the needs, strengths, interests and wishes of each young person.

We will work to arrange meetings in a place that feels comfortable and relaxed.

With a broad knowledge of Exeter’s local communities, groups and services available to young people; Community Connectors support each individual to identify choices that may increase their wellbeing.



This could involve:


• Joining a club
• Learning a new skill
• Meeting new and like-minded people
• Accessing mental health support
• Getting involved with a sport
• Finding creative groups in the local area
• Connecting to a support service
• Accessing training

And more…



Only GP Practices can make a referral to link a young person to a Community Connector.

Once a GP has made a referral, the young person will hear directly from a Community Connector.

Anyone working with young people can encourage them to visit their GP to start this process. The offer will be widely promoted in a variety of community settings, including schools.