Travel Clinic

We run a Travel Clinic at the Health Centre for our patients who are travelling abroad.

Travellers should have started an immunisation programme at least 6 weeks before travel to ensure appropriate and effective cover.

There are some vaccines free on the NHS including: diphtheria, polio and tetanus, hepatitis A and typhoid. In some cases MMR courses are also needed.

There are charges for Hepatitis B, Rabies, Hepatitis A (booster, Japanese B encephalitis, Yellow fever and antimalarial medicines.

Meningitis ACWY with a vaccination certificate also incurs a charge.

You may wish to enquire about charges for these at the Travel clinic in Southernhay or a participating pharmacy.

Travelling without appropriate vaccination cover puts you and those around you at risk.

Travel Appointments are offered throughout the week. You can also book a telephone appointment to speak with a travel nurse for advice, these calls are bookable in advance via reception. If you are travelling outside of Europe or for longer than 2 weeks please inform reception that you will need a double appointment.

Travelling in Europe

If you are travelling to Europe within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland you can access medical treatment using the EHIC card, which has replaced the E111 form.

You can find out further information and apply online via this website.

Please would all patients planning to travel abroad complete the online Travel Risk Assessment Form below.
Alternatively complete a paper form at reception and hand it in.

  • Your Details:

  • Information about your trip:

  • Location:

  • Location 2:

    If you are travelling to more than one location enter details:
  • Location 3:

    If you are travelling to more than one location enter details:
  • Type of travel and purpose of trip:

  • If you feel that any further information will help please provide details.
  • Personal medical history:

    Please supply information about your medical history. Please answer Yes or No. You can provide further details if necessary below after the questions.
  • If you do please indicate below.
  • Further details for any of the above questions:


  • Current Medication:

  • If Yes please list below
  • Previous medication taken when traveling:

  • (please tick all that apply)
  • Any relevant additional information:

    Please provide any further information you feel may be useful.

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