Support team

Administrative Roles and ‘who’s who’ at Mount Pleasant


Practice Manager – Julie Croze

Julie is responsible for the overall day to day running of the Health Centre and future strategy planning.


Deputy Manager – Ian Turner

Ian helps Julie with the day to day running and has responsibility and oversight of the Finance.


Practice Administrator – Ali Jones

Ali works tirelessly with GP rotas and timetables as well as system reporting and data collections.


Nurse Administrator – Lorijana Lahajner

Lori manages all administrative aspects of the nursing department. She is the first point of call for any nursing queries as well as many other general administrative tasks.


Team Lead Reception – Catherine Crouch

Cath leads the Reception team, oversees their rotas, ensures their training is up to date and deals with any minor complaints or issues.


IT Manager – Philippe Croze

Philippe works with all staff to support them in their roles, working hard to make sure IT hardware and Software aren’t an issue. Philippe also is the Operations Manager for Nexus Primary Care Network (PCN), of which Mount Pleasant is a member practice of, running the day to day management of the PCN staff and activities.


Receptionists/Healthcare Navigators – we have 15 people in this team

Our Reception team have now been trained as a Healthcare Navigators in order to assist GP’s with signposting the patients to the correct service or clinician. In order for this to be effective the navigators are required to ask several questions of the patients who are telephoning to make an appointment, to ensure that the patients are offered the best route available and maximise efficiency for both the patients and the clinicians at the practice.

We currently employ 15 Healthcare navigators. They are a major part of our team and their role is varied including dealing with the telephones, prescription requests, administrative tasks for both patients and GP’s/Nurses as well as welcoming you at the Front desk when you attend the surgery. They will always do their utmost to provide you with the best possible service.


Medical Secretaries – Rose, Sally, Lesley and Sharon

This team deals with all of the referrals to Hospitals or elsewhere. Once you have seen a GP, if a referral is required for further treatment, the team will type the referral and process it through to the Devon Referral Service or relevant organisation.


Medical notes summarisers – Karen, Sharon and Pippa

This smaller team is responsible for the medical records coming into the Practice – they will ensure the notes are entered onto the clinical IT system in a clear format, structured to ensure ease of identifying major or minor illness for the clinician using the medical record with the patient.