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Boots Mount Pleasant Opening Times

Please note that from today the Boots Pharmacy next door to Mount Pleasant Health Centre will be changing their opening times. Prescriptions will also start to take up to 5 working days to process from initial request as they are inundated with new requests and their workload has significantly increased since the Coronavirus pandemic began. They will now be open: Monday: 10am – 4pm Tuesday: 10am – 4pm Wednesday: 10am – 4pm Thursday: 10am – 4pm Friday 10am – 4pm Saturday 9am – 1pm  
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Handi App

Download the HANDi app The HANDi app aims to provide advice and support to parents and carers when your child is unwell. The HANDI app offers simple and straightforward advice, for the following conditions in children: diarrhoea and vomiting high temperature ‘chesty baby’ illnesses, such as bronchiolitis, asthma and croup ‘chesty child’ illnesses such as wheezing and asthma abdominal pain common newborn problems. The app takes you through a series of questions about the symptoms your child is experiencing and then advises on the best course of action, whether that’s to treat at home, to make a GP appointment, or to head
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Anyone who meets the below criteria is advised not to go to a GP surgery, community pharmacy or hospital. Instead they should call NHS 111, stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people. The advice to the public is to call NHS 111 now if they have been to:   Hubei province in China in the last 14 days, even if you do not have symptoms Iran, lockdown areas in northern Italy or special care zones in South Korea since 19 February, even if you do not have symptoms other parts of mainland China or South Korea, Hong Kong,
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