Newborn Registration

This form is for newborns only and will need to be completed by a parent or guardian.

If you want to register your newborn at Mount Pleasant Health Centre then you will need to complete the registration form below and live at an address within our practice area.

How will I know when my newborn has been registered?

Our reception team will be in contact through the provided contact details once your newborn has been registered or if we require more information. If you haven’t heard from us and would like to query the status of the registration, please call us on 01392 255722.

When can they receive medical treatment?

Medical treatment will only be available from the date of registration (the date the form is processed by our administrative team). Please call 01392 255722 and speak to one of our healthcare navigators for more information.

Newborns are due a mother and baby check at six weeks old and vaccinations at eight weeks old. Please contact the health centre once registered to book these in.


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Page updated 01/06/2023